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China Economic Energy International Investment Management Group Co., Ltd. ( "Zhongjing Energy"), established in 2013 with the approval of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, registered capital of RMB 180 million, is the holding company of China Finance International Holding Group Co., Covering all kinds of mining investment and mining, agricultural investment and management, new energy investment and management, real estate investment and management, import oil, import and export of goods, technology import and export and other goods import and export and other fields.
Leading China, the layout of the world. In the focus on energy in the development of the domestic market at the same time, in Mongolia, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and other countries of the key areas of the establishment of a sound business network and service team. After more than three years of development, the Group now has nine wholly owned / controlled subsidiaries, has rapidly grown into a wide range of business transnational energy investment management group.
The implementation of energy in the board of directors under the leadership of the President responsibility system, the full implementation of standardized, standardized and scientific management, the establishment of a sound and efficient management mechanism. The Group brings together a large number of energy experts, research and development team, as well as investment, management and other areas of the elite professionals, of which 90% have bachelor's degree, professional and technical personnel accounting for more than 70%. These backbone forces, for the company's growth and development has made tremendous contributions.
In the energy firmly grasp the pulse of the times, scientific strategy, adhere to the "safety first, cost leadership, cost-effective, environmentally friendly" business philosophy, optimize governance, risk control, maintain effective performance growth, striving for international leadership, In efforts to build "the responsibility of energy, the strength of energy, environmental protection, energy, harmony," based on the country's energy resources continue to contribute to the development of their own strength.