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The 2018 annual meeting of China Economic Energy concluded successfully

     From March 17th to 18,  the 2018 annual meeting of China Economic International Energy Investing Management Group Co.,Ltd. was grandly held in Wyndham hotel, Beijing. The annual meeting invited the higher level enterprises China Economic International holdings group and many partners to get together with all the staff of the company and share brilliant achievements. 
     At the beginning of the annual meeting, chairman Yue Zengmin delivered a speech on behalf of the board of directors and the leadership of the group. Ms. Yue Zengmin, with the theme of "wind and rain peer, create brilliant", reviewed the achievements made in the past, looked into the future and expressed her deep wishes to the employees. He also pointed out that in the future, the enterprise needs to make a breakthrough transformation: "change ideas, strengthen the business capacity building of independent customer service, roll up the sleeves and work hard". The chairman's speech was inspiring, and the employees were full of confidence and expectation.
     China Economic International Energy Investing Management Group Co.,Ltd. delivered a satisfactory report in 2018, which could not be separated from the hard work of every employee. After the chairman's speech, the leaders of the group company awarded the "excellent employee" award for love and dedication.
     After the dinner party began, the staff of all departments showed their advantages, and brought us a lively and wonderful performance, the program performance "GOOD TIME", "Look up at the stars" and "Xinjiang dance" and so on, the climax repeatedly, dizzying. During the performance, the lotteries interspersed with the activities made the staff enthusiastic and pushed the scene atmosphere to a climax one after another. The audience was full of laughter, and the sweat of the past was turned into the wine in the cup for everyone to drink together.
      Although the happy party ended, but the China Economic Energy people in the dream of the footsteps will not stop, the dream is full, the future is worth looking forward to, they will use the action interpretation of "wind and rain peer, create brilliant".