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The Ke Rimu CEO spoke at the donation ceremony of "warm action - ZouCheng"

Dear leaders, comrades and friends:
    Good afternoon!
    Today, I am honored to be invited to the "warm action - ZouCheng " donation ceremony in ZouCheng.At this time, my mood is very excited.To take this opportunity, on behalf of the company all my colleagues and would like to extend my cordial greetings to the secretary-general of Cha Derong, secretary Zhang Shengming, the standing committee of Li Jingpeng, the standing committee of Feng Jialei and all the leaders and friends attending the event!
    In order to improve the living conditions of the difficult people in Zoucheng,Integrated by the China Economic International Energy Investment Management Group Co., Ltd.. And China Guanghua science and technology foundation, joint implementation "warm action, zoucheng line" public welfare activities, common to ZouCheng donation valued at more than 115 daily supplies,  is used to help poor people for ZouCheng city。This activity is to respond to the call of the party and the government on "promoting the harmonious and stable development of society" and make a positive contribution.Love regardless of the size, love regardless of the region, love regardless of party, love regardless of nationality, love regardless of national boundaries, is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation.This "warm action, ZouCheng" is the beginning of our participation in public welfare undertakings through China Economic international bidding and tendering co., LTD.In the future, we will actively participate in the "warm action" and continue to contribute generously to provide practical and effective assistance to people in poor areas!
    Dear leaders and comrades,China Economic International is an enterprise which is engaged in bidding agency, engineering supervision, engineering design, consulting, environmental assessment, finance, culture industry, mining industry and agricultural industry.Through nearly two decades of hard work, it has become a large enterprise group with 1, 600 employees and 1 billion assets.China Economic International staff uphold social goals, corporate goals and personal goals;Social responsibility, corporate responsibility and personal responsibility;Social interests, corporate and personal interests unifies "core values, work hard for national construction, actively participate in public welfare undertakings, participation of ZouCheng development, we would like to work with the ZouCheng city people together in creating a better harmonious society.
    Finally, I wish you all the best health, good health, good life and good luck.
    Thank you all!